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In the face of tragedy, the easiest thing to do is to turn away.

To stay in your lane. To focus on your work, on your family, on yourself. To look past what is happening in the rest of the world, and to say things like, "I know this is real, but it hasn't affected anyone I know."

It's easy to get used to tragedy. We are desensitized by big numbers, daily statistics, and updated forecasts. Or, if not desensitized, at least R0 rates, growth numbers, and case-by-case tracking dashboards allow us to rationalize the problem and treat it like a math problem rather than a human tragedy.

But we all know, deep down, that we shouldn't turn away or accept a new normal in which thousands of people die to a hidden killer every day. 

We know that we need to remember.

We need to remember that this is a human tragedy, with emphasis on human, so this is a personal, not political, crisis. We need to remember that behind every percentage point increase in unemployment lies one million individual households who have to find another way to put food on the table. We need to remember that every person who is affected by this terrible virus has a mother and a father, a past and a future, and hopes and dreams -- just like us.  

In short, we need to remember the people affected by COVID-19.

Remember life. Remember those we have loved and lost. Remember.


Every item that you purchase here is sold at cost, plus a $5 donation to COVID-19 relief efforts.
To begin, we will donate $5 from every purchase to Save the Children, a charity dedicated to supporting children left without caregivers as a result of COVID-19. Save the Children has a 92/100 score from Charity Navigator, and 87% of every dollar goes directly to their mission. Please send suggestions for additional charities to